An Immigrant Class Back Again

The website for An Immigrant Class ran from around 2004 to 2015 when the domain expired. Naturally, around that time, its fate was to be picked up by Japanese spammers who used it to market some hair products. Recently, we saw that it became available again, so we picked it up with plans to return it to its former glory.

We want to preserve, to the extent we can, as much contemporary history relating to immigration, particularly for the United States. As part of our effort, we are interested in the website as it was a marketed the book “An Immigrant Class.” That book is still available for purchase if you are interested. It looks like used copies are available on Amazon for a couple of dollars, plus shipping.

An Immigrant Class provided oral histories of 20 recent immigrants to the Chicago area. The book ‘s approach was let the immigrants tell there own stories through first person accounts. Each immigrant describes through a historical narrative his or her reasons for want to move prior to emigrating to the US, the experience with the process of emigrating, and what the immigrant found in the United States.

We think it is worth bringing back this link to highly personal accounts of immigration, so we will restore the website to its original immigration focus. We will also add resources about immigration for others who might find this site and have an interest in anything immigration related.

If you want to get in touch while you wait, you can contact us.

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